Tinneke Steensens

While her sisters and brothers were playing in the back yard, Tinneke was already copying comic books. At a very young age she went to the art academy to draw, sculpt and paint on oil canvas. When she finished that she started to work for a company and was busy raising her daughter. At that time she sculpted some figures and little animals in fimo and painted some animals or portraits.

Then she met me in a company and started to hang out with each other. We visited some hobby fairs, my mother had te same hobby. My mother and she got along very well and then we visited our first doll fair. It was there that Tinneke saw some handmade baby dolls. She thought: I can never do this, and took some classes on how to make a bear.

But she couldn't get it out of her head to sculpt a baby doll. I gave her the advice to take some sculpting classes, and she did. In Heist op den berg, at Diana van reusel from Hobby Creatief. After those classes she started practising a lot, untill she had reached her own style. Then we had to come out with a name for our website.

Our names are Hugo and Tinneke, so we took the two first initials and came up with HUTI BABY'S and our name was a fact. You can visit us at fairs in the USA, UK and Germany. We have become well known in the doll sculpting world far beyond our Belgian borders. Our babies are made in vinyl or silicone at large companies like Ashton Drake ( and Master Pieces. Our kits at Reborn doll kits (RDK) simply reborn dolls at Ruth.

Thank you very much and see you later
Hugo & Tinneke

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Tinneke Steensens
Huti Baby's
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